Our Story

In 1995, Toby & Sylvia Shine had a vision. The vision involved turning 100 acres of farm land into a small community on the northeast shore of Lower Gar Lake. Toby & Sylvia were two determined individuals who went to work to make their vision a reality.

One of the challenges occurred in the spring of 1995. What we now know as the preserve was a spawning area for carp. There was a drought that year and consequently the carp couldn't get out and they died. Obviously, the smell was less than desirable.

The carp had to be removed, thus, Sylvia dubbed it the "living hell summer". Grant Clark, Sylvia, Toby and Ray Trankle pitched in. They trucked the dead carp to the northeast part of Pelican Ridge and buried them. This spot was, for a period of time, the Community Garden.

During 1995 and 1996, Pelican Ridge was plotted and developed. The pond, clubhouse, pool and about 16 homes were constructed for the Grand Opening in 1996 with then Iowa Governor Terry Branstad present.

To begin with it felt that the majority of homes would be manufactured single-wide mobile homes without a garage. Quickly, this changed to predominately double-wide and many having two-car garages. Now, there are 180 plus homes in the Pelican Ridge Mobile Home Community.

In the beginning, residents purchased a home and rented a lot. The beginning monthly maintenance fee was $87 which has risen to $160/month over 15 years.

The Story Continues...

On January 23, 2003, the Pelican Ridge Lot Owners Association was formed. All residents were given the opportunity to purchase their lots and as a result, the last rented lot was purchased in 2009.

The Pelican Ridge LOA contracted with Toby and Sylvia Shine, known as Pelican Ridge MHC, Inc., to provide management and maintenance services for the association. However, in July 2008, Pelican Ridge Lot Owners Association took over the management and maintenance services. During that time, the association purchased the storage facility and three lots where the maintenance building was built and occupied in the fall of 2008.

Pelican Ridge MHC, Inc., the developer, has certain rights and owns the remaining lots to be sold for new homes, which will also add new association members.

In August of 2015, IGL Construction purchased the remaining shares of Pelican Ridge Mobile Home Community from Toby and Sylvia Shine. Construction of 13 slab on grade homes commenced shortly thereafter.

In 2021, the last lot at Pelican Ridge that was owned by IGL was sold.  Thus leaving Pelican Ridge solely in the hands of it's lot owners.

Our Mission:

Provide affordable living for our residents and support amenities that make Pelican Ridge an enjoyable Okoboji quality of life experience.

Our Vision:

  • Maintain our facilities and common ground
  • Provide lawn care
  • Provide residents and others with convenient storage facilities for rent
  • Maintain docks
  • Provide hoists for rent
  • Keep costs as low as possible
  • Provide snow removal
  • Help facilitate private and social events for members
  • Exceed the expectations of our members

Pelican Ridge LOA Association fees support...


Residents can schedule its use for Private Parties/Family Gatherings. Each Lot Owner may get a special key that opens both the clubhouse and pool, provided that they pay a $15.00 deposit per key.

The storm Shelter is on the lower level in case of emergency. The storm shelter is located adjacent to the pool. The shelter contains restroom and shower areas.

Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool is located adjacent to the clubhouse. It is open Memorial Day through Labor Day, so long as the weather cooperates.

Stocked Fishing Pond:

A license free fishing spot has three docks, (one is handicap accessible) and is stocked with fish such as Bass, Bull-heads, Perch, Pan Fish and Crappies. It's a great place to fish with your children or grandchildren!


The playground area is adjacent to the clubhouse. It has a combination slide and swing set for children to play on. There is a bench provided.

Tennis & Shuffleboard Court:

The tennis court area is also a full size regulation basketball court. Located in front of the clubhouse area it serves as a shuffleboard court as well.

Docks and Marina:

Hoists are available for seasonal rent. A sand beach and sand volleyball court are located adjacent to the marina.

Maintenance Building:

Shop and storage area for equipment to maintain the grounds and facilities.

What Lot Owner services include:

  1. Trimming of shrubs and trees.
  2. Lawn mowed (normally weekly) and trimming.
  3. Snow removal of driveway and sidewalk.
  4. Spring weed and feed of lawn.
  5. Pool Maintenance.
  6. Clubhouse and common ground maintenance.
  7. Docks and Hoist maintenance
  8. Pond maintenance.
  9. Tennis court, playground, and horseshoe court maintenance.
  10. Entrance Islands.

Additional Facilities and Services:

The LOA owns a mini-storage building and a lot for outdoor storage for boat trailers, campers, etc.

Mini-storage units are available by ACH payment only.

Outdoor storage is payable by the season or annually. These facilities are a self-supporting part of the association.